Hi ! I am Shivani.  I am so glad that you took out the time to visit my personal website!

I am an enthusiastic marketer by profession, who is in love with search engine marketing. By heart, I am a girl with a mission to build community and share my knowledge which helped me to become who I am today despite of coming from a technical background.

Trust me, I have faced problems in my career as a fresh graduate and I don’t want under-grads to face the same situations, when they do not know what is the right thing for them. The main question is how did I figure out what I need to do, what I want to do?

Answer is simple- Experimenting ! I will be discussing it in my blogs with different subjects that you need to know.

Let us first, jump straight on the purpose without a further due.

While we were growing up, little did we know how tables can turn after graduation?

As a student, we tend to forget the importance of networking, building relationships, presentation of skills and most importantly presenting yourself.

How these things alone, has the power overpower your resume and degree into the world of opportunities. How becoming a personal brand can land you to the paid opportunities, internships, jobs and even breakthrough into the tech companies with little effort. Here I am, explaining you to be your authentic self to create a brand image for yourself.

We all live in world of marketing and sales where people tend to sell their ideas and beliefs at any cost and little did we know, how we are going to end up doing the work we are not passionate about or are forced to do due to various circumstances of life. So here, I’ll be breaking through that how creating a profile on LinkedIn and using it meaningfully has overpowered my resume and degree to get plenty of opportunities to start with.

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