How does Apple hire new grad employees? New grads at Apple- A Case Study

A little case study about the- how does Apple hire new grad employees?- By Shivani Nagar

Apple hiring system for new grads
How does Apple hire new grad employees

If you ever had this question  how does Apple hire new grads employees or about hiring process of Apple?

Then keep on reading you young hustlers! I tried to put my observations around it.

Finding a job as a fresher is not difficult only for freshers but also for the people who are not.

When I was a fresher I thought to my self that “How can I land a role in my dream company or dream role?”

But freshers always have a thought in the back of their minds and that is that they do not have enough experience to get in there.

You stop right there, man. That’s not true.

When I research companies and their ways of hiring processes I get to know that there are multiple ways to get into your field of interest!

Let’s talk about Hiring at APPLE!

We all know Apple for its innovative products and that they are the trendsetters!

But how would you showcase your skills to their HR team members?

They do not hire much from college placements at least here in India.

Then-“How does Apple hire employees?”

How can  a new grad apply become a part of Apple hiring process?

Here is a little story before you go ahead.

It was a day when I was looking for a job switch and I found a role at Apple that is aligned with my skills and field of interest and so I decided to apply for it.

When I was applying for the role on LinkedIn, I saw something unusual inside the people section.

There were profiles that LinkedIn showed to me, of the people who are working at Apple.

I recognized a pattern over there by observing that the company has more number of recruiters.

For your kind information recruitment is considered as an unimportant section of the hiring cycle by many companies.

Also, many companies try to outsource their candidates to fill the positions.


I took time to analyze Apple workers on LinkedIn and I found out that there were so many recruiters than I ever seen in any company.

A team of internal recruiters! Apple considers recruiters as hiring partners or business partners.


Instead of outsourcing candidates from outside firms, it has its own team who seek and hunt ideal matches for their desired positions.


Probably they might reach out to you if it feels right to them?


But you never know what are they even trying to asses?


So now what we can do to land such roles?


One thing we can do is to identify the channels through which the recruiters hire.

Since I have never seen Apple recruiters visiting on campus to hunt for talent.

Well, they have their own routes!

Identify the routes! But what could be the possible ways to connect with them?

Social Media– Try to connect with on LinkedIn. It has around 250 million active users. You can try to connect with them with recruiters over there.

Personal References– Try to see a way through personal references of friends and family.

Intercollege campus placement- We all have to agree that Apple does not visit all the college however you can try to connect with students of different colleges to help you get there.

Try out different channels that Apple recruiters use to find their talent.


Remember it should be an intersection of you and them.

As long as you are confident about your skill, you can work for any company.


If you found it helpful feel free to share it.





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