Digital marketing for beginners with no money-A marketer’s mindset

 Learning digital marketing for beginners with no money can be challenging but it is not impossible.- A marketer’s mindset

When you want to study a certain course and money is the issue, it doesn’t feel okay, right?

How often do we face these situations? I understand and that is why I have written this blog post. 

Sometimes the course is not worth the prize or its cost is too much.

But giving up on your passion and your curiosity for the things you want to do is not the right solution.

Then how to begin your career in digital marketing when you don’t have enough to pay for the lucrative courses?

I would like you to follow the simple steps below or else choose the option that is mentioned above which requires money. 


Step 1– Explore!

digital marketing for beginners

Over 3.96 billion people today use social media and an average human spends an average of about 2-3 hours on the internet. 

Now I want you to observe, how people behind social media make their content.

Understand what they write, how they write, how do they produce content. How some of your favourite Youtubers or social media influencers share their knowledge and market themselves.

You must be thinking this is not digital marketing! But this is the start of your digital marketing career-

Start to analyze people and that’s how marketing works! The other part remaining is the technical knowledge.

Remember, the essence of digital marketing is understanding people. Which is the first. This topmost skill in this field.



Step 2– Pick a skill and start promoting yourself.

digital marketing for beginners



There are countless skills when it comes to digital marketing that you can hone.

I am explaining some examples below to help you how they work best 

Some of the skills that you can learn for free are-

 1) Social media Marketer- In today’s world, everyone is a social media marketer. 

social media marketing

There are nearly 3.96 billion people on social media including different platforms.

 The youth knows it better, right? With the advent of people rising on social media users, they are amazing platforms to promote the products or services.


It can be hard to study digital marketing when you don’t have money in your pockets,

but I am pretty sure that you are not running out of ideas in your head! Do you?


Do you like writing or presenting yourself to express your opinions on social media?


Or if you like sharing any sort-of other info-graphic like videos and captivating pictures?


See, digital marketing is HUGE and involves many categories such as-


content creation, running the ads, analyzing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing etc.


And different parts need different skills and understanding of yourself. 


So ask yourself, what are you good at? Are you a creative person who wants to be on the creative side or have a logical mind or maybe both!


And now pick a skill for yourself as this will be much easier to go forward now. 


And if you are still unsure about where to start-

Then I suggest you to start with a creative skill such as writing or experiment with social media.


Why? Because it will help you understand the psychology of the people, which is the core requirement of online marketing.


Now for example you have chosen a skill (even if you are not perfect at that, just get started and do not wait for a perfect moment!) then start with what you have. 


Start sharing your views on the platform you want to, and see how people respond to it. 


See how people relate to it and are driven to your content.


Make sure to tailor your content to the needs of the people- in short, make it worth reading that provides value to the people. 


 Experiment with what you like and what you feel you are good at. 


When it comes to digital marketing, there are many channels through which you promote any brand or consider yourself as a brand and promote yourself.

I am here categorizing the skills basically into the four categories for smoother understanding and they are-


1)- Blogging and writing-

SEO blog writing

Writing is an important skill in digital marketing.

Whether or not you choose these skills is still going to help you.


For example, you can start by writing blogs on different channels.


You might be wondering about, what do I write? Or what should I write?


Here is the solution start by sharing your interest, your journey, or your “expertise” about something that you like and can write about it like no one else, so it is your personal experience. 


 2)- SEO Expert- When it comes to digital marketing especially SEO- you might know how important keywords are!


One thing to learn SEO simply is to book your website or make a blog on Blogspot  and start rolling.


Start by writing your blogs and start optimizing them simply by watching tutorials. Here are some that I recommend-


 Honestly, that’s what I did! Since I did not have money to buy courses as I was broke and still a student back then. 

I watched good videos on Youtube. 


I know this process can be complex but when you figure it out yourself by watching the videos.


At last, it will help you to connect the dots. Also, if you are not a big fan of coding languages (HTML) like me (I am not a technical person).   


You can just learn the basics and start to roll on.




Step 3– Read like a maniac! 

Content creation
Image source-Unsplash

Reading is essential when it comes to learn digital marketing especially when you are doing everything by yourself.



Start by gradually learning the technical terms by various means like reading blogs or watching videos.


Also, if I were at your place, I would start to learn about keywords, and honestly, that is what I had done.


So my first advice would be to start with learning about keywords.


You might have heard about the terms- PPC, then just search for PPC on Google and start reading!


This is the simplest thing that you can do to start your digital marketing journey.


If you are not a fan of reading then how about watching videos on Youtube?


Watch Youtube videos-You must be thinking, this is not so unique solution.


I know right, but I want you to let you know that everything we want is right in front of us.


It is a good solution because you will be connecting the dots afterwards, trust me.


Some many good videos and channels are highly good. Just put your search query into the search bar and explore!


For example, search for-“what are keywords?” or “what is content marketing?” and boom! Explore.


Explore the videos in the search and the suggestions.


Here I would like you to have patience and enjoy the process of figuring out.





 Step 3- Understanding the mindset.

Mindset for digital marketing
source- Intergrative Institute

Do you like to analyze data or do you love creating content or have content marketing skills?


 How about starting a Youtube channel with a bunch of your friends and see how you can increase the followers.


These little steps and actions help as a newbie when you enter into this field. 


This will help you learn the psychology of the people, which I think is very very important in the beginning.


Most people learn digital marketing but are unable to get the essence of digital marketing.


Therefore by taking these steps, I want newbies to focus on the people-oriented side of digital marketing.


As it becomes easy for a person to understand the technicalities and why we do them. 


Alright, let us move on to the next step!




Step 4- Paid advertising


I should not have included this here according to the title of the post but this is vital in digital marketing so let us understand.

See I know money is unavoidable when it comes to digital marketing.


But money is not everything, and half of the digital marketing can be learned without the money.


Trust me, money only comes into play when you are doing paid advertising, when we do organic advertising, it does not require money. 


 Honestly, I consider everything to be a part of the learning process.


If you have the passion to spend on ads and measure your return on investment by analyzing the metrics then go for it!


But I am sure you do not want to spend hard-earned money like that to burn to ashes.

(I still hosted my website to learn digital marketing when I didn’t have the money, but in my case, it was worth it as I learned so much).


Again I would like to share some resources that would help you learn the fundamentals of paid advertising, before stepping your foot into it.


I suggest you to read like crazy and understand the simple principles before  directly jumping.

Check out some resources below.


Search Engine Journal PPC guide


 Niel Patel-Paid advertising


Hubspot-Google adwords for beginners.



And first advice would be to read, read, read and watch, watch, watch, like a maniac!   


You don’t want to do the wrong things at least when you do not have the money.


See, and analyze people who are already ahead in the game of this paid advertising and what conclusions they draw and share.


This helps a ton, in understanding the mindset as well as what knowledge is needed to spend the money that yields profit.


Paid advertising cannot be learned without paying of course.


But, start by understanding the basic terms by reading and that will help you to understand, what do these marketers measure.


You can also choose some social media channels that you like Facebook or Instagram to advertise, or google advertising campaigns.


I have explained these steps in brief to make you understand the overall scenario of digital marketing.


So you can analyze each step and why it is important to begin with the mindset before marketing. 


Steps that you can take to do it for free without spending.


a) Start by interning for an agency or company-This way you will learn, without spending your money and

you will also learn to deal with the real clients. 


b) Collaborate with your friend and ask them if they are interested for trying out new things.


c) How about freelancing when you are in the early stage of the career?


Hope these steps will help you to explore a digital marketer’s mind.


Now you are at the bottom, what would you like to choose out of these steps to learn digital marketing as beginners?


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