How to choose the right career path for yourself?

How you can choose the right career path for yourself will always be the question for all the generations.

Remember when we used to think a lot about what we want to become when we will be adults? All the dreams we had? Some must be doing exactly what they thought but not everyone, because we change as we grow old, right?

Let us first start off by understanding that there is not right or wrong career path.

You need to “create one” for yourself, I totally believe in experimenting and figuring out.

I come from a city where, if you do not become an engineer or a doctor you definitely become a sinner.

I am here breaking down my experience of how I was able to figure out the right career path for myself, which is unique to me and most importantly where I get pumped up about the work that I do.

Well, I am an engineer (now a marketer, I prefer that).

But I want to break down my years of pain in simple steps, so you can understand. So, tighten your belts because we are going to dive deeper and you need to ask questions to yourself at each stage.


Here we go.

Step 1- Let it flow!

Right career
Let it flow

Today little kids are taught coding but did you ever heard Mark Zuckerburg or Bill Gates taking classes for coding? I think, no. Because they did it for fun. What drove them was curiosity to build and create things. They simply did it for fun.

In my case too!  When I graduated from college, I had no idea about what I was going to do with my life because I simply had no interest to pursue engineering or job related to the my field instead I was interested in things which were more people oriented.

What made me digital marketer today is my pure curiosity about how search engine optimization works and I have started testing them with different forms of content. See, I am writing one for you now….

“Do not label something as boring as it will reduce the chances for you to explore it”. I repeat, please don’t.

Did I tell you that I hated the term digital marketing once, but it was only till when I have not tried to explore it?


Step2-  Self analysis

Strengths and weakness

Strengths and weaknesses.

Knowing and having a clear idea about yourself not only helps in you in performing better but it also cuts the competition around you.

Identify your strengths and weakness.

Working and picking your strengths for your career will allow you to do better than others at the things what rest of the people can’t do.

This can be something in which you are really good at and you love doing something.

Working on your weakness is super important in order to become a master of your skills, work and will allow you to improve continuously.

Step 3- Identify your mission and your why.

Identify your mission

This is so crucial when it comes to career decisions and also the most underrated factor.

How do you identify your mission? Why do you want to do what you want to do is question very few people can answer with confidence.

When you identify your mission about your career, it becomes next to impossible to leave that step onto some next one. This will give you all the strength to be on the track that you chose for yourself.

The right mission will allow you to work and create impact out of your work, for your life and the people you’ll  work for. It will become a purpose behind your career path that you have chosen.

For example, you want to become filmmaker to tell unheard stories or you want to become an engineer to help develop applications for businesses around the world.

Or may be you want to become a real estate agent to earn money and become rich to support your family.

It can be anything from personal to financial. Setting up your priorities will help you ignore distractions and will help you to become more focused towards your goal or I should say “purpose”

Whatever it is, you have a freedom to choose your mission or purpose. This will allow you to create change and impact your life and of others.


Step 4 – Choosing and becoming perfect in your skills and work.

Working on skills

When I started to experiment with putting out content on the web, that did not make me a digital marketer. I was ashamed when someone asked me, “what is a sales funnel?” when I was at the initial stage of learning digital marketing.

Gathering knowledge, working on your skills. implementing without a due and learning along the way has been my philosophy. This also helps you in choosing your career path and build a more focused approach.

Your way may be different but keep perfecting your knowledge and skills as you grow.


Step 5 – Creating a personal brand.

Personal brand

After you have chosen your right career path its time to scale it.

Personal branding has huge impact in leveraging your career.

I cannot emphasize more on this topic about how important it is to build your brand in today’s world !

Consider two persons- Person A and person B.

Person A has more knowledge than person B. But person has strong influence on people because he has developed his brand. He is the person whom people look up to.

Person A is more likely to have more opportunities coming at his way because he genuinely showed himself to the people and provided value to them.

Check out the blog to get the clarity and how you can build one for yourself.

Our career occupies 90 percent of our life therefore it is important to choose the right career path for yourself so you can feel happy and satisfied.












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