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How to create content as beginner? Starter’s guide

Creating content as a beginner is not easy nor is is difficult as it seems. I am not asking you to take a degree in journalism neither you need to become an expert in creating content but you definitely need some skills in order to create content and share your knowledge unless you have a team which can do for you.

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Then how to start with creating content when you are a newbie?

How to begin with content creation when you are not a writer, a video creator, a photographer or any sort of an artist. It is not that hard trust me.

You do not need to give your whole time to content creation process if you know what are your requirements and where you want to go with your content.

From that I mean, your goals and content strategies your regarding content.

Alright, we are talking too much about creating content but why are we doing so?

The answer is here , creating content around yourself will help you in positioning yourself as an expert in your industry and it will also help you in your branding and marketing.

Creating content will help you define and share your story with the people you want to share with.

how to start creating content
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Alright, you learned about how to create content and you started to produce content. But what is the point?

The point is to position yourself as a personal brand within your industry. Eventually when people start to recognize and builds trust on you on a personal level.

Then people would start to approach you and you get more opportunities for the knowledge you deliver to the people.

Do you know that giant business tycoons uses simple content strategies to get ahead in the marketing game for their business?

Why do they do that? Its simple, because it establishes trust within their customers and they get leads. Okay, Okay I understand I am getting deep down.

In simple terms you need to take your self as a ‘brand’ and a business. Because you are your own ‘business’! That is why understanding how to create content as a beginner is important.

So, if you have understood till here, then let’s go!

Here are some simple step by step process that will help you from start to finish.

Step 1-Gain starter skills to begin with and make it better.

Begin with gaining some skills in content creation which can depend upon your interest to create content for beginners

Here are some, for example- writing skills, creating videos (which requires editing skills) or any other form of communication that you would like in order to communicate your thoughts and also, what suits you and your personality type.

For example you might want share your content through videos because it can fast and easy, as writing process takes time and efficiency. See, it is up to you.


Step 2 – Start by your interest area.

But wait, “I have multiple interest areas to choose from”. Then I would suggest, start with your expertise. In that case,

Try producing content and frame your ideas around your that particular topic on which you can give your opinions and facts endlessly.

We all have certain different areas and topics on which we can defeat someone in debate. Simply because you have more knowledge about it.

May be you like to talk about technology or may be you like to talk entertainment and politics.

Step 3 – Finding your “unique interest area “.

We all are human beings and we all have different journeys.

Each individual have different experiences, so each one had their own problems that they have solved on different levels of their life.

For example- You took an admission in a foreign university, which was really difficult for you and so you definitely know – that what does it take to go there , how much preparation you must have done in order to guide others. What are pain points of getting there?  Right?

So that is your expert area too and you can to pick it up from there too.


Step 4 – Start by sharing

how to create content for beginners
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Sharing content, create miracles! Do you know that when authors write their books then how do they sell them?

They create a buzz by sharing about what’s there in their books. They share points they talk about in their book. Simply sharing can also take you really far, if you execute your strategies properly.

In this step you have to decide your medium or channel (for example mine is YouTube) and just start sharing ! Do not procrastinate and stress about, how your editing will be, when you will produce your video.

Also, for example-if you are interested in writing and want to write blogs, then do not worry about your grammar skills in the beginning rather just begin with the process and start improving on daily basis.

Or simply by sharing on social media. Choose your own medium to express, which suits you the best, provide value and start sharing.

I know that’s what I did and it works!


Step 4- Finding or targeting your audience.

find your audience

This is a crucial step as a beginner who is starting to create content. Since you are putting in your work and time in creating content then you need to have a clarity in your mind. Do not worry in the beginning start off by not having clarity. Gradually, as you will go ahead, with the process of creating and distributing your content, you will start to recognize what works best for you.

Keep in mind to have goals in mind regarding your content. You don’t want to produce content that does not gets seen by people, making all your efforts going in vain.

You are not producing it for every one. Your content is not going to be liked by everyone. Admit this.

The people who will relate to your content or are from your industry are your ideal people.

So find your tribe and like-minded people.


Step 5- Try to create your identity

See how you want people to see you is in your hands.

Crafting a powerful identity for yourself in front of your people, I repeat, “your” people will help you become more aware of how people perceive you.

Take help of story-telling for example.

Tell your story to the people , because you never know how many people are already there, where you have been in the past.

Telling your story is an amazing way to start create content as a beginner because it will help you to create your identity.

Step 6 – Provide value through your content

For example-Even if you like to talk about entertainment , you are solving boredom for thousands of people. So try to solve problems.

After all people, care for their solutions and not about you. That is the bitter truth to swallow, but its true.

So become a value or solution provider.

I hope this blog “how to start to create content – A starter’s guide” gave you simple steps are actionable for you and easy to understand.

That’s it ?

Yes, that’s it guys!

Try creating content as a beginner, because you will fall in love in the process pf delivering your content and helping people simultaneously.

Because I know, starting to create content when I was a beginner, was the best choice of my life. As it changed my life in ways that I cannot possibly imagine.

Because your personal brand eventually grows stronger and stronger over the time if you are consistent and determined to show up for the people.





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